Drinks Aquavit on His Golden Voice
December 2006
(Thank you to Birthe for this transcript)
Gold voice Josh Groban (25) was on a small trip to Norway yesterday to make a recording of tonight’s “Senkveld” at TV2 –- and to buy aquavit.

"I visit Norway as much as I can. It’s an important country for me in many ways," says Josh Groban. The American singer has all reasons to tell the truth. Not only does Groban have Norwegian orgin, but he also has so many fans in Norway that his latest album ”Awake” sold gold –- in only a month.

"I am very pleased with that. I have many amazing fans here. Norway was actually the first country, well in Europe, that showed interest for my music," says Groban.

Roots at Toten
Groban tells that he has much to thank Rolf Løvland for, who wrote the megahit single “You Raise Me Up” from his last album, “Closer.” For now it has sold over 80,000 in Norway and almost 13 million on world basis.

"Unfortunately, I don’t have time to meet Løvland while I'm here. But I really hope I do get the opportunity to work with him again sometime. He is a really talented man," Groban brags. He won’t be able to look up his roots at Toten this time.

"I’ve never been there, and if I do have some relatives there, I probably haven’t met them. But it does make me very curious. I’d really like to find out about that," says Groban.

Heavy program
But first he needs to finish his promo tour which he now is halfway done with. When VG met the American singer yesterday connected with a recording of "Senkveld with Thomas & Harald” he had just arrived after a live performance at the "Oprah Winfrey Show.” And late last night the trip went on to Ireland.

"There are a couple more promos, then I'm heading home to celebrate Christmas. I will kick off my shoes and just relax, probably take a couple of walks with my dog and be with my friends. And of course I’m going to drink some aquavit. I need to buy it while I'm here," says Groban.