Torgen Meet & Greet
Berlin, Germany
December 14, 2006
(Thank you to Karin for this transcript)
Announcer: The heart beats, the hands are shivering, not exceptional when Josh Groban walks up to the stage. Marissa from Berlin is getting much closer to him and a few minutes before the meeting she is strained.

Torgen: Could you sleep last night?

Marissa: Not really, I went late to bed and then I could'nt sleep well.

Announcer: And then the time has come, may we introduce you: Josh Groban, this is Marissa.

Josh came only to Berlin to meet Marissa. Otherwise he is traveling around Europe to promote his third album "Awake". His career is impressive! Before he sold his first CD, he was acting on TV shows, singing on movies and he was on tour with Sarah Brightman.

No wondering that Marissa is hooked to meet him. And Josh? He like the meeting too.

Torgen: What do you think about her?

Josh: She is very nice, it's nice to meet her.

Announcer: The 25 year old american is a charming boy. Marissa, like a good host, shows Josh what there all is on German Christmas markets. Torgen is only need to pay for.

Marissa: What do you do on Chistmas Eve?

Josh: On Christmas Eve? I'll spend christmas with my familiy. I had a long time traveling and it would be nice to see them all together. And I'm glad to see my dog, I've missed him a lot. I will unwrap christmas gifts with him. That is what he loves, unwrapping packages. It will be funny.

Announcer: For Josh it would be a merry christmas. His last album sold over 9 Million copys around the world and his new one will be related successful.

Torgen: I think I could leave them alone, they get along with each other.

Announcer: With Josh together in Berlin - this must be the greatest christmas gift for Marissa. But before they leave us, Josh has something to say: .... Josh speaks

(Now you can understand what Josh said, but there are two words he said in German [and that very well!]: Frohes Fest - that means Merry Christmas.)