I Have to Learn to Be Patient
MyArtist.net (Germany)
November 2008
(Thank you to Karin for this transcript)
US-Superstar Josh Groban about his career, his new album "A Collection", his fortune dreams and how he removes the stress.

Josh Groban is only 27 years old and close to a decade in the music business, but this years were very special years. The Californian has sold worldwide more then 25 Million CDs and DVDs. Some superlatives of his career: his appearance at the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, watched by 1.3 billion viewers, meeting the pope (John Paul II) and Nelson Mandela. His songs can be heard in movies like "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" or "The Polar Express." He sang duets with Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. Exclusive for the European market, the likeable curly-head, released the CD "A Collection."

Q: 1999 you were discovered by David Foster, now you are, especially in the united States, a Superstar. What has changed for you over the years, personally?

A: I think, I'm still the same down-to-earth guy. But I can afford things now, that I could only dream of in the past. It was an incredible journey and we have lots to do. Especially in Germany, but I will always work hard and I'm very proud of the album "A Collection."

Q: What's the concept of the CD?

A: For me, this album is the chance to put my favorite songs from the past eight years together. It's an introduction to my music, especially for listeners who don't know me well. But it's not a "best of" album, because I think that there will be many years of work for me to come.

Q: Maybe you could have named the CD "A Musical Journey" because the album shows how much you broadened your musical horizon over the years ...

A: Not a bad idea, because it was a musical journey - starting with my first album 2003. My goal was and is to achieve new horizons with each new CD and to expand my fan base.

Q: Where will the journey lead you - in the next five years?

A: In the past years I had the chance to a deeper break into pop music and also traditional music. I like to follow this path to explore more and fathom the extremes of this two styles of music, instead of doing a little here and there. With the experience I have now, I'm more self-confident and brave to venture new experiments.

Q: You worked together with many artists, but there was one highlight ...

A: ... the duet with Placido Domingo ...

Q: Exactly! How was it?

A: I have to admit, I was a little bit in fear about it and very nervous. I asked myself: why would he sing with me? I'm not an Opera Tenor. But at last we met in the studio and we sang this wonderful duet for his new CD. The collaboration with him was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was unbelievable to stay with him behind the microphone.

Q: You are not only interested in Classical, but also in Pop and Rock music. But it's surprising that Linkin Park or Afro Celt Sound System are also on your favorites list ....

A: That has a lot to do with my love for Celtic music. I love Celtic and African music and also electronica. The way they combine these three things is brilliant. They use African "talking drums," vocals, uilleann pipes and very thrilling beats.

Q: One of the highlights on the CD "A Collection" is the live recording of "Anthem" from the musical "Chess" by the "ABBA-masterminds" Björn Ulvaeus und Benny Anderson. Have you seen the movie "Mamma Mia!" with Meryl Streep?

A: Yes, it is pretty funny. You can't deny the brilliance of the ABBA songs and the actors are so good. It's a lot of fun to watch the movie.

Q: You've made some experiences as an actor too in the Ally McBeal series. Would you like to do something like this in the future?

A: Oh yes, if it would be a film like Mamma Mia you wouldn't have to ask me twice. By the way, I've met the director David E. Kelley some days ago. We'll see.

Q: The last month was very eventful in your country. You and many other artists have supported the "Rock the Vote" campaign. Why is this so important for you?

A: Our goal was to encourage young poeple to vote. There were many people over the past years that felt failed by our government. Many young people are disenchanted. We tried to make clear that there is only a chance for a change when we go to vote.

Q: You have achieved much in your life - through your hard work and talent. Are there any things where you are not so good?

A: Things where I'm not good? Patience! (laughs) I'm very impatient and try to overthink things. I'm always very strained. My manager says all the time: "I'll get you a masseur." - No, I don't need a massage, I will rehearse, I will learn, I will do this and that. - "You'll get a massage now!" - Okay, I'll get a massage. I have to learn to restrain. (laughs)

Q: How do you restrain?

A: I like to play video games, go to the movies, read books and have a good time with my friends. I have very close friends and for them I'm simply "Josh" not the star. I love to play the drums. That's a good way for me to power off. I play two or three hours - until I'm totally soak with sweat. Then I take a shower, and all is fine.

Q: That has also to do with music!

A: That's right. I can't help doing it. (laughs)