They All Want to Marry Me
Gala (Germany)
November 27, 2008
(Thank you to dodoNYC for this transcript)
Josh Groban became a star with classic-pop. His kind nature turned him into a heart-throb.

Everything about Josh Groban is somehow soft. His handshake, his smile. And he drinks the green tea in careful, little sips during the interview in the hotel Marquis in Hollywood. In short, at first glance Groban exactly matches the music that he makes sensitive pop that receives a touch of classic through the baritone voice of the born Californian. In the US, he made it with his three studio albums to a celebrated star, around 15 million CDs has he sold there. Now, with "A Collection" a best-of double CD of him is released. An GALA wants to know, how soft is Josh Groban really?

You are often characterized as the perfect son-in-law. Is that an insult or a compliment for you?

When I have a date, I mostly hear already after the appetizer, that my date wants to introduce me to her mother. The women all want to marry me right away, although they don't really know me. That is a little too fast for me. Anyway, I have been single for a year and somehow have not found the right person yet. By all means, for me "perfect son-in-law" is no insult but a compliment.

Would you describe yourself as a shy person?

Yes, definitely. I don't like to take center stage.

And why then did you become a pop star of all things?

On stage that is no problem for me. But as soon as I am at a party in a small crowd, I batten down the hatches. In these moments I feel really foolish.

How do you explain that to yourself?

Maybe it's because I am a workaholic and rarely get out. To make small talk all of a sudden is so unfamiliar to me that I don't feel comfortable. I still have to learn to relax.

You are a classically trained baritone. Do you therefore pay more attention to your voice than your rock colleagues?

Oh believe me, every good singer takes good care of his voice, also rap artists or rock singers. I am very disciplined: Before a concert, there is no alcohol, no nuts and no yogurt. Alcohol dries out the vocal cords, the nuts can scratch them and yogurt produces too much phlegm in the throat. On tour, I am really on a diet. Only water and a lot of fish and vegetables.

Is there actually a magical place where you get the best song ideas?

The best melodies come to me in the bathroom. At least three of my songs emerged during washing my hair. And to answer your next question right away: Yes, I do sing in the shower.