June 20, 2009
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Wanted to take a moment to share how truly touched I was by last nights celebration at the Hollywood Bowl. As an L.A. native, it really doesn’t get much better than the Bowl. I’ve been going since I was a kid and its an institution of greatness. Every time I’ve had a chance to set foot on that stage, great memories have been made and last night was no exception. Of all the shows the Bowl puts on during its summer season, this one is particularly close to my heart because of the money raised for Music Matters. Music Matters is an organization that brings music education and inspiration to thousands of young people in my hometown. Last night was sold out and they raised over a million dollars for THANK YOU for making that happen. I also want to thank the great fans who, in their seemingly never ending quest to help make a difference, bought a rather pricey page in the program…every dollar of it going to Music Matters.

Met and made quite a few friends last night as well. Hanging out with Fred Willard and Eric Idle who are two of my comedy heros was a blast. As was getting to know everyone who works in and around the L.A. Phil. As an artist who doesn’t really fit into specific category, to feel part of such a culturally significant organization and to share that support means the world to me. This Hall of Fame award is really the first award ever given to me in my career. The first was Most Promising Newcomer ‘94, handed to me by my 7’th grade music class. 15 years later it seems strange receiving anything that feels like a “lifetime achievement”. It also makes me inspired to keep my head down, work even harder, and hopefully live up to everything that it means. And to me, personally and professionally, this one means a great deal.

Thats all for now from this gloomy grateful day

josh ;)