The "Surprise" Video, Part One
Surprise Interview That Josh and David Foster Did for the Grobanites
(Thank you Monica for the transcript)
David : "Hi! I'm David Foster... and ummm ... this kind of is my idea. I have been on Josh's website so many times. And I've loved reading everything. I'm telling you.. you guys are absolutely amazing... and I'm not kidding. And I love reading things like 'O well that couldn't have been David Foster writing in because he's far too busy.' But how could I be too busy to not check what's going on with the fans? Because believe me ... and I'm not just stroking you guys ... you have made the difference. You have kicked this thing off in a way that I have hardly ever experienced in my life before. And I'm not kidding.
So then I went to Robin at Warner Bros, who runs the website. And I said ... we wanna do something special just for the website that nobody else would see. Now we were here earlier doing an Entertainment Tonight ummm interview. And so it's basically the same setup that you're geting ... but it's only going to the website and I mean I can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you've done. Without you guys this album would have not been where it is in any way shape or form. So I love it.

It was me that went on Jean .. Jeanies site by the way. I used my own name. I misspelled. I said Groboneites instead of Groban or whatever the hell it is. I'm sorry. I never check my spelling. I never put capital letters. But it was me. But just keep up the work. And I'm gonna go on as Josh Producer from now on on the regular site and I wanna stay in touch. It's exciting. I mean I'm invigorated. But you're not here to see me. You are here to see the one and only Josh Grobon .. ban .. bin. "

[Transcribers Notes : From side of Camera Josh is seen to move his hands around in front of him as if he were trying to clear the air of the mispronounciations. Josh was dressed in his usual casual clothes style wearing a black shirt and brown pants. He looked quite comfortable.]

Josh : "Welcome to my website. You guys have turned David into an internet fanatic which is very hard to do. So I .. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've done. And he's right this album is just taking of 'cause of you guys and David will be coming on a lot and talking to you guys and I hope on soon."

David : "Yeah more than you've been on."

Josh : "More than I've been. I appologize."

David : "But you've been in Europe."

Josh : "Ive been in Europe .. and I've done .. I've got .. I've been doing .. I've been doing a lot .. But I love chatting with you guys. I love letting you guys know what's going on and I hope to do that a lot more."

David : "Yeah it's real .. it's really amazing. The thing just kind of nose dived. I know I have Tonos.Com. We've been struggling on that. But as it nose dived, this is what the end result is that you can actually really break an artist with the Internet and that's what happened with you."

Josh : "Yeah. Yeah. And uhh .. it's .. it's a place to go when people wanna find out about an artist. And its a place to go when they wanna listen to music and they can't necessarily get to the store right away. And uhhh .. and you guys are totally taking advantage of that."

David : "And .. they've become friends with each other." Josh : "Excellent."

David : "And you know it's such a great group of people that you are .. that I think like you talked about having the .. like the thing in Florida where there's about 34 of you. And you actually organized that. And if you have one in Los Angeles, I will make sure I drag Josh Groban there."

Josh : "Yeah. [Transcribers Note : Josh gave the thumbs as he said yeah.]"

David : "And we will both come. So organizers in the state you will make the difference. And I am really not kidding. So thank you .. thank you. And now .. we have.."

Josh : "We have some questions from you. All of you out there."

David : "Right. And umm .. this is the first question here Josh..."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "And I know you've told this story before."

Josh : "I have."

David : "But for Internet fans only..."

Josh : "Ok."

David : "How did you end up on Ally McBeal?"

Josh : "Well .. I uhh .. I did a .. it's a great question .. because it was an amazing event that .. that caused it and umm .. I did a show in Los Angeles called 'A Family Celebration' and Bill Clinton was there, and the cast of Ally McBeal was there. And just lot's of important people and I was on an amazing line up .. an amazing performance. So I was really really nervous. But David E. Kelly was in the audience. I sang a song called 'The Prayer' with a good friend of mine .. Nita Whitaker. And umm .. David E. Kelly saw the song and said hey we want you to be on the show. And that's kind of how a lot of things have gone lately."

David : "And in his credit .. David Kelly looked at Josh singing 'The Prayer' and in his mind went .. 'I think that kid can act." And he was right of course ..."

Josh : "Ha Ha Ha."

David : "...but that's his genious."

Josh : "I tried very hard at that. And umm .. it went really well. Yeah the cast is so amazingly tallented. And the director was so nice and so helpful. They really kind of helped me get where I needed to be."

David : "What was your opening line when you met Ally? Give it to me." Josh : "Ha Ha Ha Ha."

David : "Ok next question."

Josh : "Ha Ha Ha Ha. I think it was unnnnnnhhh."

[Transcribers note : here just lifted his knee as he said unnnnnnhhh.]

David : "Yeah right trip .. trip. Umm everybody knows that you are an internet junkie."

Josh : "Yeah do they?"

[Transcriber's Note : Josh rolled up his sleeves left first then right showing his arms comically as if to say where are the junkie tracks. Then he began to laugh as David reproached him for it.]

David : "Don't do that. God dang. Uhhmmm .. what are some of your favorite sites you like to visit to? You know music .. or any sites .. but music sites."

Josh : "Well I think I've gotten a lot of people I think on the site interested in this site I go to called The Onion. It's realy realy cool."

David : "Oh yeah yeah."

Josh : "It's really funny. These guys they do this parody newspaper and they make fun of the news and they make fun of lots of great things. That's definitely [words not clear]."

David : "In fact somebody wrote in and said they did a whole page on what the surprise was that we were cooking up. Al of The Onion. And again if I didn't ap .. appologize earlier I'm sorry .. I mean I think this is an incredible surprise but you know you people talked about like free Cadilac's and stuff. No it's not free Cadilacs."

Josh : "Sorry."

David : "It's Josh live .. only for the web site which I thought .."

Josh : "Not a Cadilac."

David : ".. is very cool. [Said to Josh] You don't even own a Cadilac.

Josh : "I don't even drive at all."

David: "You drive a pathfinder."

Josh : "I have .. Uh whatever."

David : "Right? Is that what you drive?"

Josh : "A Ford Explorer."

David : "Ok well that's not bad."

Josh : "No .. It's good."

David : "Uhmm .. I know the answer to this but I'm going to ask about .. yeah I know the answer to this but tell everybody else."

Josh : "Ok."

David : "Your musical taste is so broad .. I know that you're at home at night listening to Motorhead and all sorts of weird crazy stuff .. Radiohead and the [word not decipherable]. But where does the gamut run?"

Josh : "Ummm .. it uhh .. well I mean it all started .. my parents kind of introduced me to a lot of music .. and uhh .. and I just .. I don't know .. I don't .. I don't .. I don't listen to radio to figure out what CD's I'm gonna buy. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I hear a great song and I wanna get it. But umm .. but I .. I just .. I like world music a whole lot. And umm .. it kind of all started when I was into Paul Simon doing Graceland and things like that. Listen to African Rythms and I like this thing called Afro Celt Sound Sytem a whole lot. They're really kind of techno - Irish Afro beats and funk and grooves and all that. Anyway .. umm .. it runs completely wide."

David : "Do you .. you do listen to the Beatles don't you?"

Josh : "Oh course I listen to the Beatles."

David : "Thank you. Ok."

[Transcriber's Notes : Josh laughed here.]

David : "Umm .. you were seventeen when I first met you .. and we were doing the Grammy's .. The Prayer .. the song that Carole Bayer Sager and I wrote for Celine and uhh .. Bocelli. He didn't make a rehearsal .."

Josh : "Right."

David : ".. and you got the call."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "Now you're seventeen and you're on the stage at the Grammy's.

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "It's got to be a pretty cool feeling."

Josh : "I was .. it was a very cool feeling. I was freaking out. Umm .. I think .. originally I told you .. uhh .. you know the whole story is I told you .. I said I don't think I can do this. You know I called you up and I said .. I said .. this is .. this is way beyond my reach. I was just some kid in High School. And David really said .. you know .. 'Go do it.' Celine will be really nice .. Rosie will be there. No one will bug you .. It'll be great. And .. and he pushed me to do that."

David : "And how great is Celine?"

Josh : "Celine was incredible. I was so .."

David : "And she loved you and your singing of course."

Josh : "Well the feeling was definitely mutual."

David : "Yeah."

Josh : "Umm .. It was .. it was great .. 'cause you know when you're .. when you're just a nobody and you're closing the thing with Celine Dion you think .. you know they're gonna be a big diva and they're gonna say get me someone else .. you know .. but she was really cool. And it was a .. a great time. David changed my life."

David : "Yeah. That's right and for .. you know .. the web has only been up .. the websites only been up for three or four months but we've been kind of going at it for three years almost."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : ".. since Josh was seventeen. And we .. "

Josh : "Yeah. We spent a long time .. uhh .. not just making the album but just getting to know each other and getting to know what kind of music we wanted to do."

David : "Right."

Josh : "And we've been working together for a really long time."

David : "The reason why I'm so into the website and to all you folks that write in .. well one reason is this album is really a labor of love for myself too because I put .. along with Josh .. we both put close to two years .."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : ".. in on this trying to find .. in fact later on we have a little surprise for you. We're gonna play you some songs that did not go on the album .. little pieces. Including maybe the tinyest little piece of the Barbara Streisand song. But we can't use her voice."

Josh : "Ya Can't."

David : "So we have to find a place where it's just you."

Josh : "Where it's just me. Because we can't .."

David : "We can't [sound of a bleep out for a bad word on a tv talkshow.] "

Josh : ".. use her voice. Because that's a song that we did and we're holding onto it right now."

David : "It's coming out."

Josh : "It's coming out."

David : "I hear she's gonna do a duets album .."

Josh : "Ok."

David : ".. and later on this year .. and this will be of course one of the two new duets."

Josh : "It may happen."

David : "Yeah."

Josh : "But in the meantime we've got some .. we've got some cool stuff that we .. it's all great but you know .. for whatever reason certain stuff couldn't make it to the CD. So .."

David : "You .. you met Barbara Streisand when you were sitting right there.

Josh : "I was sitting right in that seat right there."

David : "What was that like?"

Josh : "I walked in .. I heard her voice outside in the studio and I thought .. well they're playing a Barbara CD. That's really cool."

[Transcriber's Note : Here David Foster Laughed humerously.]

Josh : "I walk in and she's got a microphone in front of her.. on the couch and shes rehearsing a song. Uhh .. you know you take a double take like .. Barbara Streisand all right .. umm .. and I .. I just kind of sat there look .. and to my surprise I totally thought she would be like you know get out I'm rehearsing. She turned to me and she goes you must be Josh. Oh .."

David : "Then she said get out."

Josh : "Then she said get out. She said .. she said my throat is acting up. What do you do .. what do you do to .. She was asking me what I do to .. to work on my voice as if I'm .."

David : "Uhh .. I listen to Barbara Streisand."

Josh : "I listen to you .. exactly. Yeah .. No it was really cool to meet her and we had a nice sing out. It was really great."

David : "Yeah. It was great. And she uhh .. also loved your singing. Umm .. here's a question somebody wrote in."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "I think its a really interesting question .. which I don't personally care about the answer .. but I know a lot of people would. What do you think about when you go to sleep .. before you go to sleep?"

Josh : "Before I go to sleep [laughs] I .. I have trouble. I have .. [bursts out laughing hysterically here]."

David : "This is so much .. it's gonna be the best interview you've ever done cause we can do whatever we want."

Josh : "We just came from a Entertainment Tonight Interview that was that was .. "

David : "You can't say that."

Josh : "Everybody's so stiff .. everybody's so .."

David : "Yeah .. We got fans here. You guys can yell and scream. You're our cheerleading .. thats .. you know .. We have friends here. We have Rob and we have Jon here from Warner Bros."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "We have friends Amanda and other friends. You can do what ever the heck you wanna do."

[transcribers note : Camera pans over to friends just mentioned and they wave. One is heard to say Hi everybody.]

David : "By the way .. this is the studio where we recorded the whole album. This studio is in my home. [to a gal off camera] Settle down girl."

Josh : "Yeah."

David : "This is at my house .. uhh .. in Los Angeles. And this is where we did the album. So anyway .. "

Josh : "Yeah .. oh .."

David : ".. what the hell do you think about?"

Josh : "I .. I have a hard time falling asleep actually because I .. I have .. I have .. I .. I .. I think about the things that I have to do the next day. And there's usually .. unless I have a day off .. which is very rare .. I've got a lot of things to conquer in the next day. So I .. I usually have to you know .. watch the tv or read or something and kind of do some mindless activity to get myself to sleep. But yeah I think about music. I listen to music before I go to sleep. I umm .. I .. I think about all sorts of things."
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