JOSH BLOG: Progress!!
April 19, 2010
(Thank you to Violet for this transcript)
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Hey, everybody, coming at ya on a very gloomy late afternoon. Itís Sunday. Just came back from Lagoona. Took my Grandma out for sort of a late birthday lunch. I was in New York for a week, so I missed her 90th Birthday. And we took her out and we had an amazing time, and sheís a sweetie, and we had a good time. And itís been kind of an eventful last three days. So, I thought I would fill you in on whatís been happening.

Thursday night, I had a blast singing with my Pals and Lady Antebellum. An amazing band! Great songs, just great voices. They are the whole package and they are just so nice and I feel like, itís always great to kind of run into a group of people who are in it for all the right reasons and so we bumped into each other on a few occasions and they said, you know, weíd love for you to sing a song with us on stage, and so I picked this song, Hello World, which is, I felt, like the song that was most in my wheelhouse to do with them, and it went great. So for all of you who came out that night, thanks a lot, and if you didnít Iím sure itís on YouTube.

What else? Then Friday, I got to the GLEE set early morning and was there until about 2:30 to 3:00 in the morning the next day. Again, it was a super fun day. To be able to act with Olivia Newton-John and Jane Lynch, it doesnít get any better than that. I am playing myself. I am playing a very exaggerated version of myself. Iím not Josh Groban, Iím JOSH GROBAN. And. . . which is fun, which is cool. Other than that, you are just gonna have to find out. . . how that goes (spoken really softly). And then, and the cast of GLEE is super nice, so it was really, really cool to see how, you know, how successful everyone has become and just kind of all, I think, coping with the incredible explosion, and all the good, and chaos that comes with that. But it seems like they are handling it really, really well. And it was very much an honor to be back on the set. Itís a very cool show and we had fun.

Ad then the next day, uh, which was my favorite day, was all day in the studio. We did an incredible orchestra session yesterday. And you know, we are really saving the best songs for last. We are in the home stretch. Weíve got another long session tomorrow and then after that, we really need just one more session, and then weíre ready to mix. So, you know, Iím hoping to have all vocals and all instrumental stuff done by like the end of May. And then mix. And then be done. Iím doing the photo shoot for the album I think in a couple of weeks, and I go to New York for that. I have a great photographer that I am excited about and Iíll share that with you at another time, who I am going to do that with. And, so yeah, it seems half the time, Iím saying like thanks for your patience and then like all of a sudden (he snaps fingers) it starts happening like really quickly, and uh, you know when people are starting to Twitter, uh, I found a Josh Groban song. Wow! Thatís a blast from the past. Iím like, okay, time to go out and get more music out there now. So, itís almost done. We are gonna have a crap-load of songs done, once we get it all down, and I'm, you know, really excited about starting up again and getting out there. And you know, if the energy is anything like, you know, what it was when I came out with Lady Antebellum, which was amazing, I didnít expect that kind of reaction, and itís gonna be a really fun year, and I know that for as long as itís taken to get this done, is that much more energized Iím gonna be to get out there and do it.

So, Iím rambling as I always tend to do when we hit the four minute mark. Uhmm but just, you know, uhm. . . Oh, I totally forgot! Last night I inducted my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, Dr. Ed Canter, who is an incredible guy here in Beverly Hills, into the I guess you would call it the LACHSA Champion of the Arts kind of Hall of Fame thing, honoring him. He is an incredible guy. He has given a huge amount of money to my old High School, the Los Angeles High School for the Arts. Did that at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles and I got to introduce Bob Newhart and Natalie Cole. How cool is that?! I didnít sing, just Ďcause Iím exhausted, but it was fun to be there, and support that great cause.

There is so much news coming up. Iíve got HUGE news about my foundation coming up very, very soon. Probably right when the album is done, I will drop some of that news on ya. But Iím shooting a new movie next week. Iíll tell you more about that soon, but weíre shooting next week. Itís a comedy. A big comedy. And Iíve got a role where I play a lawyer. I donít know if they are gonna make me cut my hair for that or not, but . . . it should be fun.

Anyway, I hope you are having a nice Sunday. And I just wanted to fill you in and let you know that things are moving, which Iím excited about. . . Do be in touch. Byeeeeee.